Reykjavík Riding Center opens for business :)

1 & 2 & 3 Good Times Day tours and half a day excursions or eveningtours

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We pickup from 09.15-09.30 in the morning. At 13.45. in the afternoon and at 19.45 for the eveningtour, and drive up to the Reykjavik Riding Centre where coffee awaits. We also pick up on other requests.

We encourage our guests to dress in accordance with the weather and bring swimsuits with them if they wish to end their tour in the swimming pool. We provide warm overalls, rain clothes, mittens and helmets.

Arriving at the Centre.
We offer you some caffe or pure Icelandic water, then we will take your payment and go over our safety rouls and the riders sign a "Confirmation of own liability" form.
Be for the ride starts
Please let our guides know about your riding experience if you have some experience or none at all. It is very important for us to find the right horse for you.

When the ride starts it is important to remember the following:
Keep you hands together on the reins and close to the saddle.
Sit deep in the saddle, lean a little backwards and press your heel down, keeping your legs forward.
Do not scream or shout at any time, screaming and shouting will excite the Icelandic Horse.
Be careful not to squeeze or kick the horse with your legs.
Safety Rules.
Please note that we take every safety precaution, but riding is at your own risk
Children under 12 years of age can not join our riding tours unless approved by us.
Pregnant women are not premitted on riding tours.
People under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs are not permitted on the riding tour.
Bags and large cameras can not be taken on the ride
During the riding tour our guide  rides in front of the line and leads the group. No one is allowed to pass him without his approval.
About Reykjavik Riding Centre
In the facilities of Reykjavík Riding Centre there is a café and bar, a Riding Gear Shop, Souvenirs shop, Horse Buggy Rental and Riding Tour Companies. Reykjavik Riding Centre is situated in the area of Fákur which is the largest riders association specializing in the Icelandic horse in the world. The area is also one of the largest stables district within a city known far and wide.



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Reykjavik Riding Center -- 354-477-2222