Reykjavík Riding Center opens for business :)

1 & 2 & 3 Good Times Day tours and half a day excursions or eveningtours

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To contact us:
Reykjavík Riding Center, Brekknaás 9, 110 Reykjavík,  Iceland. Mail info@reykjaví Tel: +354-477-2222
At Reykjavik Riding center you are a welcome guest and it is our aim to entertain you and make sure you have a special experience at our wonderful Riding Center. This we do by  providing our very best personal services.

We offer 6 different horse riding tours from Reykjavík.  Both for beginners and advanced riders. We go in small groups so the riders will enjoy the horses and the tour better.


We offer excellent facilities in Víðidalur where the largest equestrian centre for the Icelandic horse in the world is situated. 

We are located by the main running course of the Equestrian Association Fákur where the National Horse Show in Iceland 2012 was held. Around 10.000 guest and riders visited and stayed there during the meet. 


Less than 800 meters from our facilities the Elliðaár Rivers run, clean and pristine full of salmon and surrounded by interesting lava formations and plants. 


Only about 2000 meters from the Riding Centre are Rauðhólar or Red Hills a unique natural phenomena and Heiðmörk a peaceful and beautiful recreation area. These places you can experience and enjoy in the city tours offered by the Reykjavík Riding Center


About Reykjavik Riding Centre

In the facilities of Reykjavík Riding Centre there is a café and a bar, a riding gear shop, tourist shop, horse buggy rental and riding a tour company. 

Reykjavik Riding Centre is situated in the area of Fákur which is the largest riders association specializing in the Icelandic horse in the world. 

Our stables are about 200 meters from the Riding Centre


1 & 2 & 3 Good Times Day tours and half a day excursions
Enjoy the here and now. We pick travellers up at their hotel from 08.45-09.10 in the morning and drive up to the Reykjavik Riding Centre where coffee awaits. The horses are then saddled and prepared for an hour and half hour riding tour with an experienced guide into the Rauðhólar or Red Hills and Heiðmörk overlooking Elliðavatn and along the banks of Rauðavatn . Each riding tour is approximately 1 ½ - 2 hour long. Around noon we return to the Riding Centre for lunch of our famous lobster soup with Icelandic langoustine and freshly baked bread. At one o’clock those who wish are transferred to their hotel but others can take an interesting walk into Elliðaárdalur.
The beauty of the clear and pristine Elliðaár is world-renowned. The unique combination of salmon rivers, lava formations and woodland is both invigorating and interesting. Enjoy the singular nature of this beautiful area and Icelandic history in Árbæjarsafn, an outdoor museum dedicated to Old Icelandic houses and way of life. An experienced guide accompanies guests on an hour-long stroll around the area. The tour ends in one of Iceland's best swimming pools where hot tubs, Jacuzzis and steam baths will help to relax sore muscles and energize.


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Reykjavik Riding Center -- 354-477-2222